Customers Comments

" Your high quality, responsiveness and services is what keeps customers coming back. The customers knows that when they open the box they get a tool 100% to spec every time. Very few in the tooling business can provide this to the customer. "
Project & Tooling Engineer

"I opened the boxes today “Excellent”. I asked some other people to come and look. This is totally different to what we are getting from others"
Tooling Engineer

"……. today I’ve given your name to another one of our shops. I gave them all the best references & told them if you couldn’t do it, no one can. Well deserved as you have proven to be one of our best tooling vendors over the last couple of years"
Tooling Buyer

"As always everyone has been impressed by your fixtures - the finish and attention to detail are excellent”
Tooling Engineer

“Very memorable visit. I am totally impressed with the quality & control of orders processed at C&B. My finish on this project will not end my recommendations for C&B"
Consultant Engineer

"I can see why companies like GE Aircraft want to deal with you"
Quality Auditor