A Total Solution Provider for Your Needs on CFM56 Engine Tooling
Ranging from One Tool to Full Suites of Tools for MRO Strip & Build and Teardown

Major Projects Completed :-

  • Full Tooling Package for a New CFM56-7B Engine Shop

  • Upgrade Tooling Package to Add CFM56-5B/P to an Existing Shop

  • Full Tooling Package for a New CFM56-5A Engine Shop

  • Full Tooling Package for a New CFM56-5C Tear Down Shop

In All of these Projects we helped :-

  • Identify the Tooling Required

  • Visited the Customer to ensure a Smooth Introduction

  • Advised on Best Practice for Workshop Layout & Tool Storage

We Also Offer :-

  • Manufacture & Repair Tools for CF6, GE90, GP7000 Series and others

  • Our Own CBAero Range of Designed Tools

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