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A knowledgeable and enthusiastic team

Meet the Team
Home_HeadShot_ Josh.png

Josh Caddy

General Manager

Josh started in Cottam & Brookes in 2007 where he undertook his modern apprenticeship in production support. After his apprenticeship, Josh moved into a design role where he specialised in aircraft engine tooling. During this time, Josh gained qualifications in health and safety and management. In 2018, Josh joined the management team as drawing office manager before moving into his current role. Josh has a passion for the business which enables him to capitalise on new business opportunities. 

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Dean Powell

Global Purchasing Executive

Dean is our global purchasing specialist and the go to for acquiring engineering goods and materials to keep the business and projects operating efficiently and effectively. An individual who holds level 3 in business improvement techniques and health and safety, before undertaking further education in engineering. Prior to working at Cottam & Brookes Engineering, Dean previously worked as a general machinist, tool maker, draftsman and buyer within other engineering divisions. With over thirty six years of engineering of experience, this knowledge enables Dean to manage his procurement in a dynamic approach.  

Simon_web copy.jpg

Simon Rowe

Chief Quality Inspector

Simon is our chief quality inspector and an individual who is passionate about compliance and attention to detail to ensure that every product is dispatched to the highest of quality standards. An individual who holds an automotive mechanical qualification and worked as a mechanic the automotive and production industry, prior to beginning his role at Cottam & Brookes Engineering over twenty-six years ago. Before advancing his skills as a chief quality inspector, Simon was a machinist, EDM operator and tool maker which enables him to ensure all parts are manufacture to the highest of qualities.



General Dogs Body

Samba is our head of security but welcomes everyone with love and playfulness. Samba is a great judge of character, and when he's not chilling on the sofa, he's busy trying to get us to play with his toys, tickling his tummy or feed him dog treats.

Home_HeadShot_ Andrew.png

Andrew Wrona

Global Sales Manager


Andrew has a background in computer science of which he holds a BSc degree from Cardiff University. After graduation, Andrew joined the team in 2014 in a production office support role, where he gained knowledge of the comprehensive Cottam & Brookes product lines. In 2015, Andrew started to be mentored by the late Steve Edmunds in Sales and Customer Relations, plus attending MRO shows. Andrew now manages the global customer base for sales. 


Ian_web copy.jpg

Ian Osland

Production Foreman

Ian is our production foreman specialist who manages a team of production workers, with a wide variety of skills. Ian has obtained a range of engineering qualifications, including his modern apprenticeship and HNC, which he gained at his apprenticeship at C&B. Ian has worked at Cottam & Brookes Engineering since 2007.

Prior to becoming a production foreman, Ian was skilled in CNC milling, fabrication, wire erosion and specialised in tool making. With these skills, this has enhanced Ian’s knowledge within his current working role. Ian prides himself on delivering our products, on time and to the highest possibly standards.

Gareth_web copy.jpg

Gareth Fisher

Quality Executive &

Assistant Production Foreman

Gareth commenced his career at a local aerospace company, where he developed expertise in paint preparation and heat treatment processed. In pursuit of new challenges, Gareth joined Cottam & Brookes Engineering in 2014 to undertake a mature apprenticeship program. During this period, he acquired a comprehensive array of skills and qualifications, culminating in the completion of his modern apprenticeship. Gareth's proficiency in tool making, inspection and quality assurance has been instrumental in upholding the company's highest standards and it's reputation for delivering reliable, high quality products.



General Dogs Body

hope dave still has otherwise re-do.

Home_HeadShot_ Carys.png

Carys Edmunds

Business Development/
Marketing Manager

Carys is our marketing and business development specialist with an eye for creativity and has a natural ability of creating and building working relationships with new and existing customers and suppliers. Carys holds a degree in BA Product Design and spent three years working in retail procurement prior to beginning her role at Cottam & Brookes Engineering Ltd. From a child, Carys undertook work experience at Cottam & Brookes Engineering and worked alongside her uncle and father enhancing the marketing elements of the business.

Home_HeadShot_ Steven.png

Stephen Thomas

Production Planning Manager

Steve followed the family heritage of engineering where he gained experience in his early years working as a CNC machine operator, gaining skills in both milling, turning and other machining processes. He then joined Cottam & Brookes in 2009 where he achieved a modern apprenticeship in production support. During these years Steve gained skills in both CAD & CAM, undertaking design projects and creating drawings for manufacturing. In late 2020, Steve moved into his new role as production planning manager where he works closely with production to write cutting edge, lean solutions to manufacture our products to the highest of standards as productively as possible.

Home_HeadShot_ Steve.png

Steve Stone

Procurement and Technical Support

to follow



General Dogs Body

hope dave still has otherwise re-do.

Home_HeadShot_ Jeff.png

Jeff Edmunds

CEO/Managing Director

Jeff is the founder and director of Cottam & Brookes Engineering Ltd. A individual with passion for the engineering industry and holds 30+ years of technical precision engineering knowledge.

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